My story has started very banal, as well as everybody else’s, I was born. By the time I grew up, my interests grew up with me. From the very childhood, my interest laid in cars, cars and only cars. I was collecting toy cars my whole childhood, and then my interest became wider and I switched to motorsport.

By the time I was 10, motorsport in Georgia wasn’t well developed yet, but the championships were still held. My father always tried to take me to the championship events. Before motorsport in Georgia became more popular, the only racing track was located in Rustavi, which was renewed in 2012 and shortly after that Georgian motorsport graduated to the whole new level.

After race track renewal I always tried to attend all events and championships as often as possible, and this inspired me to become a professional driver, but due to fact that my family could not afford a personal car for me, I decided to do something else, something that would take me closer to cars and drivers and I became a photographer. To get familiar with photography and image post-processing I started reading articles on the web, and then I started my photography training that turned in to a hobby. After learning how to take beautiful pictures I decided to improve the quality of the images and started collecting money for the professional DSLR camera, and a year after I started taking pictures I got my first DSLR camera.

Cars take the major part in my photo collection, but I also have other pictures in different genres.

I find automotive photography very interesting, because you always explore something new, try different styles in post-processing, and I always try to be creative and professional at the same time. I feel very contented of being automotive photographer.